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July 2017
Launch of The WSI Field Guide: Make Theatre * Make A Difference
New York, NY
August 2017
WSI USA Heartland Residency
Chattanooga, Tennessee

WSI Scenes, Interviews and Music


songs from WSI's 2008 CD

Jonna Jooe
sung in sesotho

Malome Thabo
sung in sesotho

Thembi o itebohela ka pina
sung in tswana

Kae Kapa Kae Ke Mmino
songs from WSI's 2011 CD

Leifo la Malealea
sung in sesotho

Mmangoane, Mpulele
sung in sesotho

Sa Fela Sechaba
sung in sesotho

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from the show
Ha U N'u Tseba, Na U N'u Tla 'N'u Nthate?
Would You Still Love Me if You Knew?

Kae Kapa Kae Mmino
Music is Everywhere

WSI is developing a three-phased collaborative creative process:
gathering information/accessing material; generating improvisational responses to the material and to participants' own experiences; and then shaping the work into public performance. Although our work is issue-based, we strive to move outside "message" theatre, building our performances through a dynamic, interactive process that weeds out anything that doesn't make us laugh or pull us in or cause us to think.

This collaborative process is set in motion months before we gather in Lesotho.
Through the use of shared resources and materials (books, films, articles), Institute participants begin to investigate the agreed-upon focus. Once everyone arrives in Lesotho, the exploration continues via presentations by colleagues, community organizers, medical personnel, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and people living with HIV. This enables WSI to establish a shared platform from which our multicultural group can work to create fresh, actor-driven, visually compelling theatre.

For a detailed look at how we do what we do:
please click HERE and a PDF including our process and related sourcing (personal testimony, theatre games, presentations, music, dance etc) will open open or download to your drive.